International Conference
in Honour of Stephan Luckhaus' 70th anniversary
24-28 July 2023, Bingen University, Germany.

Unfinished Business:
Problems in Applied Geometric Measure Theory, Many-particle Systems,
Epidemiology, and Phase Transitions

Aims and Goals:

There are recent advances and longstanding problems in all the above fields.
One of those problems is the description of singularity sets especially rectifiability for finite or infinite energy singularities.
The main examples for finite energy singularities are still the ones of minimal surfaces and harmonic maps,
for infinite energy singularities dislocations and Bose Einstein vortices.
One of the challenges for the future is to better understand the interaction of rectifiable singularity sets
in the presence of constraints given by the isotopy.

But more generally the description of local heterogeneity and constraints posed on the one hand by topology
and on the other by energy scaling are what might be called a unifying theme
between the GMT description of singularities of pde's and the theory of phase transitions in general.
In many particle systems the big problem is to determine higher order terms in the large deviations expansion
in the presence of phase transitions, like surface tension, but hopefully in the future also free energies of dislocation structures.
Epidemiology seems an outlier as a subject, but only since the origin of the Kermack-McKendrick models
in kinetic gas theory has been forgotten.


Confirmed speakers (so far):

Giovanni Alberti (University of Pisa, Italy) Andrea Marchese  (University of Trento, Italy) 
Lorenzo Bertini (University of Rome, Italy) Rossanna Marra  (University of Rome, Italy) 
Fabrice Bethuel (Sorbonne University, Paris, France) Maria Giovanna Mora  (University of Pavia, Italy) 
Kaushik Bhattacharya (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA)     Stefan Müller  (University of Bonn, Germany) 
Simon Brendle (Columbia University, New York, USA) Felix Otto  (MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany) 
Yann Brenier (University of Paris-Saclay, Orsay, France) Eris Runa  (Deutsche Bank AG, London, United Kingdom) 
Sara Daneri (GSSI, L'Aquila, Italy) Manfred Salmhofer  (University of Heidelberg, Germany) 
Patrick Dondl (University of Freiburg, Germany) Lucia Scardia (Heriot-Watt University, UK) 
Raffaele Esposito (University of L'Aquila, Italy) Reiner Schätzle  (University of Tübingen, Germany) 
Patrik Ferrari (University of Bonn, Germany) Emanuele Spadaro  (University of Rome, Italy) 
Gero Friesecke (TU Munich, Germany) Michael Struwe  (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) 
Adriana Garroni (University of Rome, Italy) Horst Thieme  (Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona, USA) 
Jonas Hirsch  (University of Leipzig, Germany)  Juan J.L.Velazquez  (University of Bonn, Germany) 
Georgy Kitavtsev  (Middle East University, Cyprus, Turkey)  Neshan Wickramasekera  (University of Cambridge, UK) 
Chun-Chi Lin  (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan)  Konstantinos Zemas  (University of Münster, Germany) 
Stephan Luckhaus  (University of Leipzig, Germany) 

Venue: Bingen, Germany.

Bingen was chosen due to its proximity to Frankfurt Airport in the center of Germany and due to its scenic location within the Rhine valley.
The conference talks take place in the lecture hall building located at

Rochusallee 4,
55411 Bingen am Rhein, Germany

Time: July 24-28, 2023.

No registration fee.


Thomas Blesgen (TH Bingen, Germany)
Nicolas Dirr (Cardiff University, United Kingdom)
Matthias Röger (TU Dortmund, Germany)
Angela Stevens  (University of Münster, Germany) 


Thomas Blesgen

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